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With daily practice of Pranayama and meditation you will experience a deep and honest version of your best self. Go through sweaty, mindful asanasa, cleansing meditations, and spherical sound healing sessions. Experience a fantastic journey to your inner truth and peace with Tibetan bells, gong meditations and an unforgettable Kirtan night. Here you understand that Yoga is not just physical activity. Learn the connection between different athletic and mindful practices and

embark on a joyful journey to your peaceful self.

In Wellness 24h you can choose between Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin lessons to explore

a meditative state of mind. All levels of Yoga are welcome, and your certified teacher Francesca will show you the best options suitable for your body.

Surf - Stand Paddle

Surf & Stand Up Paddle (SUP): During your surfing experience you will discover the world of surfing in 360 degrees, learning not only to ride the waves, but also to stay in the water while

respecting nature, the environment and the fundamental rules of this discipline. Our instructors strongly believe in the progress of every single person, therefore the lessons will be scheduled according to your surfing level, wind and ocean conditions and tides: Level 0 | BEGINNER - You've never surfed before. You will learn how to read the ocean, safety in the water, how to use the board, paddling, take off and proper surfing stance on the board. Level 1 | BEGINNER - you have surfed before but you need to practice catching waves, take-off and turns on the foamy water. We will focus on progress to surf in the line-up: take-off technique, ocean knowledge, turns, break and speed. Level 2 | INTERMEDIATE -you have already surfed in green waves (line-up) but you need to gain more consistency catching waves. The focus will be on gaining autonomy to surf in the line-up:

paddling, negotiation waves (duck dive/turtle), correct use of rips (channels). Level 3 | INTERMEDIATE - You're a line-up surfer that has consistency catching waves but you still need to work on positioning and choosing the right wave direction (left/right). The focus will be on wave knowledge and wave riding performance: catch waves at the peak, board control, correct use of rips. Level 4 | ADVANCED - You're a good line-up surfer that has consistency and autonomy. The focus will be on improving surfing skills and knowledge: bottom-top-bottom wave riding skill, positional and technical corrections, training maneuvers (cutback, bottom turn, top turn, roundhouse cutback).

Diving Berlengas

Diving Berlengas: The Berlenga Nature Reserve is a unique place for the transparency of it's waters and underwater spoils, being considered a privileged place for diving in mainland Portugal. It is a marine reserve since 1981 consisting of 3 islets - Berlenga Grande, Estelas and Farilhões and is located about 15 km from the coast of Peniche.

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